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21/08/2017HIPS, PET, Research & Development

‘3D printing accelerates innovation in the cycling industry’

submitted by Harm Ubbers of Flanders' Bike Valley
Flanders’ Bike Valley is an Open Innovation Center for the Cycling Industry.
Since cycling is anchored in the roots of the Flemish People, our organization tries to become one of the globally leading innovators in the cycling world. Innovation can be obtained by testing a lot. In our own 50m long wind tunnel we carry out analyzes on new products in the cycling industry. Based on these results, we provide advice regarding improvements or additions. Read on and find out how ICE Filaments enriches our process.
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Harm Ubbers - Flanders' Bike Valley

The process

3D printing is gradually becoming an indispensable technology in optimizing new products. At Flanders' Bike Valley we apply 3D printing for rapid prototypes. Applying the technique of Additive Manufacturing enables us to develop objects (in a fast and cost-efficient way) which can be tested immediately afterwards in our windtunnel. At the moment we use ICA Filaments PLA for our 3D prints, mainly because of the high printing comfort.

The result

The result? Look for yourself. 3D printing, in combination with PLA filament, allow us to quickly make small adjustments in our prototypes such as the above bicycle part and bottle cage. PLA gives us great results in form and surface, but does not have the rigidity and strength to serve as a user object. Now that we are also developing more experience in 3D printing, we are very curious about the results of PLA + and PET. To be continued!

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