Create a pure, natural feel!

Do you long for a filament that smells and feels like real wood?
Then WOOD is your new best friend. This PLA based filament is absolutely of the best performing wood filaments on the market worldwide. WOOD is available in 5 different natural wood colors. The filament is tough enough for supplies on reels up to 2,3kg and prints very easy. We recommend a nozzle size 0,5mm or larger.
  • Feels and smells like real wood
  • Easy printing at low temperature
  • Very low warping
  • Biodegradable

Available colors for WOOD

Check the availability of your desired color. You’ll find an overview of all ICE Filaments-colors by clicking the button below. Please contact us when your desired color is not available.

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Properties of WOOD

Size ø tolerance Roundness
1.75mm ± 0,05mm ≥ 95%
2.85mm ± 0,10mm ≥ 95%
Description Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D1505 1,20 g/cc
MFI - 5,0 gr/10 min
Tensile strength ASTM D882 70MPa(MD) 100MPa(TD)
Strain at break ASTM D882 170% (MD) 110% (TD)
E-Modulus ASTM D882 1900Mpa(MD) 2300Mpa(TD)
Impact Strength - 7 kJ/m²
Description Test Method Typical Value
Printing temperature ICE Filaments 180 – 215°C
Melting temperature ASTM D3418 140 – 150
Vicat softening temperature ISO 306 45°C

Additional information and FAQ’s on WOOD

WOOD related use cases

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