The best of both worlds!

With PET you get served a strong, very clear and easy to print filament.
PET brings together the strengths of both ABS and PLA. It combines a high impact resistance and a surprising flexibility with very low warping. This specific filament is hydrophobic and therefore does not absorb water. Because of its many TOP-features, PET is the perfect addition to any filament collection.
  • High clarity
  • Combines strength with flexibility
  • Almost no "warping"
  • Hydrophobic (Does not absorb water)
  • Food Contact Acceptable

Available colors for PET

Check the availability of your desired color. You’ll find an overview of all ICE Filaments-colors by clicking the button below. Please contact us when your desired color is not available.

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Properties of PET

Size ø tolerance Roundness
Description Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity ISO 1183 1,27 g/cc
MFR 190°C/2,16 kg ISO 1133 6,4gr/10 min
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527 50,4 Mpa
Strain at yield ISO 527 5,9%
Strain at break ISO 527 22,7 %
Tensile Modulus ISO 527 2020 MPa
Flexural Modulus ISO 178 2050 MPa
Flexural Strength ISO 178 69 MPa
Impact Strength – Charpy notched 23°C ISO 179 8,1 kJ/m²
Rockwell hardness ASTM D785 105
Moisture absorption ISO 62 1104 ppm
Transparency ASTM D1003 90%
Description Test Method Typical Value
Printing temperature ICE Filaments 195 – 220°C
Heat deflection temperature ASTM 648 70°C

Additional information and FAQ’s on PET

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