Innovating since 2014.

A creative world full of 3D possibilities.

ICE filaments is a Belgian brand of high quality 3D printer filaments. It has been created to offer a full-fledged, but more budget-friendly alternative to the already existing 3D printer filaments.

After a long period of testing with the largest variety of types and brands of 3D printers, ICE Filaments was launched in 2014.

Now, only 4 years and more than 5000 clients later, we can proudly state that, in terms of quality and possibilities, we can place both feet next to the well-known big brands. And all this with a product that is fully developed and produced in Europe.

Noteworthy moments in time.

Our mission:

always be on top of the newest technologies.

And we mean business!

We don’t want to be just a random filament manufacturer in line. We have a mission. And that mission is 100% customer satisfaction.And that customer? That's you! This is why quality is at the top of our priority list. The best quality is achieved through testing and checking. Fortunately, we have a little bit of experience in 3D printers ourselves. Actually a lot of experience ( That’s why we can test and check more than average. And that's what we do. Day after day.

To achieve that 100% customer satisfaction, not only quality but also flexibility is a focus point of ICE Filaments. We love switching quickly to offer you the 3D filament that meets all your needs (material, size, color). All according to the highest standards of the latest developments.

Did you know that you can contact us at any time if your desired color of Ice filament is not in our range? We try to develop the perfect filament according to all your wishes.

Invent more materials

Broaden our reseller network

Improve quality with every batch

Compatibillity with 90% of the desktop printers

Invest in ecological incentives

Support social incentives

Expand our color range

Strive for 100% customer satisfaction

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