PET Filament

PET is a strong, high clarity, odor neutral and easy to print filament for 3D printing. These characteristics, together with the high impact strength, excellent flexibility and practically no
shrinkage make PET-G an excellent material which combines the advantages of both PLA and ABS. The filament is hydrophobic and therefore does not absorb water. In short, PET-G has many
great features and is the perfect addition to any filament assortment.

  • High clarity
  • Strong & Flexible
  • Almost no “warping”
  • Hydrophobic (Does not absorb water)
  • Food Contact Acceptable
  • Odor neutral printing

Size ø tolerance Roundness
1.75mm ø 0,05mm 95%
2.85mm ø 0,10mm 95%

PET is available from stock in 8 colours.
For non stock colours a minimum of 40kg ± 10% is required.

Recommended temperature for heated bed is ± 35-60˚C. Adhesion is possible on different surfaces.
PET can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.

Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.